For every curious mind, there was another who inspired it.

This is the thought behind our outreach program which intends to expose k-12 students to the wonders of science. Live demonstrations are performed for students to see, analyze and even conduct themselves. You don’t have to be a physics prodigy to participate and we even train you in the concepts and operations of demos.

Sign Up

Speak to any one of our wonderful team members about your interest in the program. Either having them perform at your institution or being a part of the demo fun.

Get Training

All trainings occur in our very own physics lab room, with the assistance of department staff. We’ll get you ready with all the relevant information so you can go out there and have fun.

Superconductivity experiment demonstrated by two female physicists as students watch.

Get Out There

Once you’ve been properly trained, it’s go time. Volunteers coordinate to meet and travel to a nearby school to perform demos they’ve trained in.

Ready to get started?

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