Our Team

We are a small team of ambitious undergraduate physicists willing to make a difference in our community. Learn more about who we are and how to get in touch.

Alberto Baez


“If there is one thing that can be done today,
let it be helping someone else.”

Third year undergraduate student, double majoring in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Identifiers: he/him/his, Mexican American, First Generation

Email me: almbaez@ucsc.edu

Siuling Pau

Mentoring Coordinator

Quote pending…

Astrophysics undergraduate student interested in instrumentation development for research, and passionate about being part of a community and offering support to others.

Identifiers: she/her/hers, Venezuelan, Chinese, U.S. Immigrant, Woman in STEM, (previously) International Student, Transfer Student

Email me: spausanc@ucsc.edu

Karoli Clever

Outreach Coordinator

Aut veniam viam aut faciam – I shall either find a way or I shall make one. – unknown

Astrophysics/Biochemistry major, seasonally working as costume designer and technical theatre staff. I love all people and animals and intend to work with micro and macronutrient research for life in space.

Identifiers: she/her/hers, International Travels, German-American

Email me: kclever@ucsc.edu

Allison Swart

Events Coordinator

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

I’m a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in astrophysics and minoring in history. I conduct research on galaxy clusters as a method to understand the nature of dark energy.

Identifiers: she/her/hers, LGBT+, Woman in STEM

Email me: aswart@ucsc.edu

Let’s talk sometime soon

Alumni Officers

Nicole Man

Outreach Coordinator

Quote Pending…

Fourth year undergraduate student, majoring in Astrophysics.

Identifiers: she/her/hers

Email me: nman@ucsc.edu

Monica Leys

Outreach Coordinator

“Not all those who wander are lost”
– J. R. R. Tolkien

I’m a fourth year Astrophysics undergrad and have been a tutor and researcher at UCSC as well for over 2 years. I’m from Irvine in SoCal and have two younger brothers and three cats back home. Currently my favorite things to pass the time are binging Naruto on Netflix and going on long walks and listening to music.

Identifiers: she/her/hers, queer LGBT+, Woman in STEM

Email me: mleys@ucsc.edu

Cameron Clark

Mentoring Coordinator

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it.”
-Shia Lebeouf

I’m a senior Astrophysics transfer student from Norco College. My current research is discovering tidally locked exoplanets through statistical analysis. In my free time I enjoy running, gaming, and binge watching Netflix shows.

Identifiers: he/him, Transfer Student, First Generation, Gamer.

Email me: catclark@ucsc.edu

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