Mentoring Program

In science it is always better to work together. Pair up with experienced students and get a helping hand from those who have been where you are now. Sounds great right! We think so too.

In collaboration with the Women in Physics and Astrophysics (WiPA) club, we pair up students with upperclassmen and graduate students.


Mentors should be there to show what is possible for their mentees. Whether this be in research, academics or community building. Mentors work to demonstrate how the hard work pays off.


Let’s face it, physics classes are some of the hardest courses one could ever take. Sometimes you just need someone there to tell you it’ll be okay (it will be by the way).


If you’re unsure about what class or research would be the best for your interests. Take advice from those who have already done it and make a decision knowing all available information.

Let’s build something together.

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