Learning LaTeX

My name is Alberto, I’ll be walking you through the resources available for LaTeX.

If you’ve never used the program before don’t worry.

It can be pretty intimidating to look into the world of LaTeX (pronounced «Lah-tech» or «Lay-tech» by its creators).

Really, we should be thinking of the program as another text editor which does a bulk of the design heavy lifting for us. And luckily many others have done a lot of the discovering and troubleshooting for us.

Where Do I Even Get LaTeX?

The most popular version is in the cloud and called Overleaf. Alternatively, you could download the software TeXShop natively on your computer from the original page.


Learn LaTex in 30min by Overleaf
(the absolute basics)
The page was made to help users make the first steps in writing LaTeX. We recommend using one of our templates, then using this page to remind you of the basic.

(drawing circuits)
In order to quickly make changes to a circuit diagram within the program itself, it can be useful to learn how to draw within code.
cuircuitikz manual (full)

Greek Letters List by Overleaf
(list of codes)
If you need to know any of the codes for greek symbols, just refer to this page. Doesn’t get updated much cause, you know, they’re pretty established letters.

Tables Generator
(entering data tables)
Not gonna lie, making tables in LaTeX is a pain in the but sometimes. You could just insert a photo of your table but what happens if you realize one data cell is incorrect. It is more beneficial for you to just write it in the document. This link does all that writing for you, just give it the data and copy the output.

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