Yay! We’re so glad you want to help out!

We have active projects going on throughout the quarter that could always use help from volunteers. Check below at our current programs to learn more.

Once you find one you like just fill out the form linked at the bottom or email us for clarity at (sps@ucsc.edu).


Marketing is in charge of ensuring that students are aware of opportunities, services, and events being offered by SPS. Students often go through years in the major without hearing about the work being done here. It is this group’s priority to change this. SPS is a group meant to include everyone, it’s high time we fulfilled that mission statement.


Through the UCSC Society of Physics Students (SPS) and Women in Physics and Astronomy (WiPA) joint mentoring program, students who sign up for the program get paired with a more experienced student to share academic and personal guidance. Both mentors and mentees will also have access to workshops and informative talks that will be organized each quarter.

Our mission is to create awareness about the importance of support networks during college and to provide them for students from all backgrounds,  especially for those belonging to underrepresented communities in STEM.

We are looking for part-time volunteers that will help with the organization and planning aspects of the program, to provide the best experience for all mentors and mentees.


Outreach is a great way to be involved in our local community and also review physics concepts. It is important for kids to gain exposure to STEM early. It is crucial for kids to see that there are people who look like them doing physics. During winter quarter, we presented demos at three separate events. During spring, we are planning a TBD panel event along with the ongoing demos. If you are enthusiastic and enjoy teaching kids, then please join us!

Textbook Lending Library

It’s no secret that textbooks are one of the more costly expenses that come with higher education. SPS is dedicated to making it possible for all students to have equal footing on which to learn and succeed in the major. To accomplish this we will be opening a textbook lending library to help our students. It is open to all students in the department with exceptions for members who are not.

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