What is condensed matter physics?

This week we speak with Professor Art Ramirez about Condensed Matter Physics (CMP). It can be confusing to understand the subdivision under the umbrella of physics, this meeting works to demystify the work being conducted.

SPS Symposium

This week we had the pleasure of hosting some of our very own undergraduate researchers to share their experiences on the topic. Three speakers talked about their path into research positions as well as the work currently being done. By talking about their own struggles, students can work to demystify the research landscape. Each ofContinue reading “SPS Symposium”

Faculty Panel

This week we sit down with three UCSC Physics faculty to talk about the work currently underway in each of their labs. We had the pleasure of sitting down to hear from David Smith, David Lederman and Tesla Jeltema. Each presented in this order and shared slides that are easily accessible below. We hope thatContinue reading “Faculty Panel”

REU Workshop

This week was a hands on meeting meant to help students on their journey to applying for REUs(Research Experiences for Undergraduates). The task of writing an application and sending it off for someone else to review can feel extremely daunting. So frightening in fact that some students put off the process of applying until itsContinue reading “REU Workshop”

What’s an REU?

It can be extremely intimidating to get started in research at the undergraduate level. Know that you’re not alone in your feelings of inadequacy while daring to think about research, The truth is that anyone can do research and the fears we have about joining a group are always more detrimental than real. Professor RajaContinue reading “What’s an REU?”

Catapult Fun with SUM

This week, SPS and SUM hosted a joint meeting where members competed in a building competition. Attendees were given simple household items (popsicle sticks, rubber bands, spoons) and tasked with making a catapult strong enough to launch a mighty pebble. Five teams of six gathered both wit and supplies as tensions grew between groups. InContinue reading “Catapult Fun with SUM”

Stargazing Night 2019

On Friday, April 12th 2019 a few brave students stood upon a very cold field to enjoy a beauty night sky. As physicists we all, at one time or another, wondered what lied above the clouds. Despite the cold sea breeze and less than ideal light conditions, members where able to enjoy the sights alongContinue reading “Stargazing Night 2019”

About Meetings

Starting January 5th, 2021 every event is recorded and posted to this page. Within a few days after meetings on Thursdays at 5PM, a new post will be created with the video and saved chat.

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