Study Session

Everyone knows they should study, but it gets lost in time. Come study with us as long as you want with free coffee and tea provided. And if you’re lucky there just might be some free Yerba Mates for those who need a kick while studying.

The following classes will also have a small review planned by students: Physics 112, Physics 5A, Physics 5D

Event Details
Date – March 13th
Time – 4pm
Location – Center for Adaptive Optics

Interstellar Movie Night

This Friday, March 6th, we’ll be having a completely free movie night. We’ll be turning Thimman 003, yes a lecture hall, into our very own private theater.

So come one come all and enjoy some good snacks as we all watch Interstellar together. Famously, the one movie that is sure to bring even the hardest of core physicists to tears.

Event Details
Movie – Interstellar
Date – March 6th
Show Time – 6pm
Location – Thimman 003

Talking About What it Takes to Become a Researcher

This week was all about what it takes to be a researcher in the an academic setting. From sub-atomic particles to galactic bodies, research is constantly undergoing and evolving.


After everyone had their fair share of delicious Costco pizza and snack we all took our sits for the discussion to come.

One of our very own UCSC staff, Professor Raja Guha Thakurta, came in to talk about the process of diving in. He shared his very own experience coming into research for the very first time during his graduate level education, while pursuing his PhD.

He reminded us that no one comes into the field knowing exactly what it is we want to do and who exactly we want to be. During our conversation with him, students chimed in with their own experiences of struggle

It can be daunting to come into a research group and feeling as though everything being discussed goes over our heads. Nevertheless, we learn as time goes on that the most important part is sticking to it and growing our own understanding of these complex topics._DSC4767

We are extremely grateful to have him as our guest speaker for the night and hope to have him back very soon.

Keep an eye out for more information about more upcoming events, just like this one.


Catapult Fun with SUM

IMG_3652This week, SPS and SUM hosted a joint meeting where members competed in a building competition. Attendees were given simple household items (popsicle sticks, rubber bands, spoons) and tasked with making a catapult strong enough to launch a mighty pebble.

IMG_5487Five teams of six gathered both wit and supplies as tensions grew between groups. In the end team five won with an enormous distance of over *2,000 ft!

IMG_6484We are extremely thankful to everyone who showed up to the joint meeting and can’t wait to have another meeting together with SUM.


*the measurement was a placeholder and may not be correctly scaled.

Stargazing Night 2019

On Friday, April 12th 2019 a few brave students stood upon a very cold field to enjoy a beauty night sky.

As physicists we all, at one time or another, wondered what lied above the clouds. Despite the cold sea breeze and less than ideal light conditions, members where able to enjoy the sights along side peers.

Students face the camera for a photo while carrying large tube like bags for telescopes and backpacks. They are students after all.

It was stellar fun from around 7pm when volunteers carried telescopes to the field to about 2am in the following morning wrap-up. Members were treated to sights of star clusters, clouds of high energy gas and of course…the moon.


A few members from the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club joined in on the fun too, bringing three more telescopes for people to look through.

Quotes from Attendees

“I loved it, we should have these more often!”

“I always liked stars and this was a fun way to feel like a kid again”

Mentorship Program

In science it is always better to work together than against one another. Pair up with experienced students and get a helping hand from those who have been where you are now. Sounds great right! We think so too.

In collaboration with the Women in Physics and Astrophysics group, we pair up newer students with students who have more experience navigating academic and social life at UCSC.