Interstellar Movie Night

This Friday, March 6th, we’ll be having a completely free movie night. We’ll be turning Thimman 003, yes a lecture hall, into our very own private theater. So come one come all and enjoy some good snacks as we all watch Interstellar together. Famously, the one movie that is sure to bring even the hardestContinue reading “Interstellar Movie Night”

Stargazing Night 2019

On Friday, April 12th 2019 a few brave students stood upon a very cold field to enjoy a beauty night sky. As physicists we all, at one time or another, wondered what lied above the clouds. Despite the cold sea breeze and less than ideal light conditions, members where able to enjoy the sights alongContinue reading “Stargazing Night 2019”

Beyond UCSC

Science, particularly physics, affects us all. The phenomenal effects of gravity do not stop working when we leave our campus. Neither should our imagination and that’s why we work with our local community to inspire others to join in observing our world through a physics lens.