Talking About What it Takes to Become a Researcher

This week was all about what it takes to be a researcher in the an academic setting. From sub-atomic particles to galactic bodies, research is constantly undergoing and evolving.


After everyone had their fair share of delicious Costco pizza and snack we all took our sits for the discussion to come.

One of our very own UCSC staff, Professor Raja Guha Thakurta, came in to talk about the process of diving in. He shared his very own experience coming into research for the very first time during his graduate level education, while pursuing his PhD.

He reminded us that no one comes into the field knowing exactly what it is we want to do and who exactly we want to be. During our conversation with him, students chimed in with their own experiences of struggle

It can be daunting to come into a research group and feeling as though everything being discussed goes over our heads. Nevertheless, we learn as time goes on that the most important part is sticking to it and growing our own understanding of these complex topics._DSC4767

We are extremely grateful to have him as our guest speaker for the night and hope to have him back very soon.

Keep an eye out for more information about more upcoming events, just like this one.


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Currently enrolled at the University of California Santa Cruz. There's nothing more important to me than changing the world for the better.

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