Stargazing Night 2019

On Friday, April 12th 2019 a few brave students stood upon a very cold field to enjoy a beauty night sky.

As physicists we all, at one time or another, wondered what lied above the clouds. Despite the cold sea breeze and less than ideal light conditions, members where able to enjoy the sights along side peers.

Students face the camera for a photo while carrying large tube like bags for telescopes and backpacks. They are students after all.

It was stellar fun from around 7pm when volunteers carried telescopes to the field to about 2am in the following morning wrap-up. Members were treated to sights of star clusters, clouds of high energy gas and of course…the moon.


A few members from the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club joined in on the fun too, bringing three more telescopes for people to look through.

Quotes from Attendees

“I loved it, we should have these more often!”

“I always liked stars and this was a fun way to feel like a kid again”

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